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Teething Necklace Beads Per 10 Grams

How many beads are in 10 g of baby teething necklace beads?

The answer depends on the type bead. There are more small beads in 10 g then there are medium beads in 10 g. And there are more medium beads in 10 g then there are in a large beads in 10 g.

Also note that even with in one bead choice, the bead sizes are random.

Beads are made by tumble polishing small pieces of Baltic Amber. The finished beads are all different sizes and all different shapes.

They are passed through sieves to separate the sizes. And then they are sorted.

Some beads may be sorted so that all beads in a batch are a minimum size of 3 mm and a maximum size of 6 mm. Others may be sorted such that the minimum size is 6 mm and the maximum 8 mm.

When you get 10 grams of these beads, you get a random selection of beads that range between the sorted sizes.

As such, if you buy beads by weight, there is no way that you can calculate exactly how many beads you will get.

The only thing you can do is approximate a range of the number of beads. For example, a specific bead of a specific shape and size may be expected to have a bead count of say a minimum of 100 beads and a maximum of 150 beads in a 10 g package.

For a professional teething necklace maker, this is a satisfactory estimate. Teething necklaces are not made by bead count. They are made by weight. The typical baby teething necklace weighs between 4 and 6 g. And when teething necklaces are made, the manufacturer adds enough beads to make the necklace within that weight band.

For all beads sold through our site, there is an estimated bead count provided within the bead description.

Buying Beads

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