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Natural Baltic Amber Pendants

About genuine natural Baltic Amber pendants each being unique.

Natural Baltic amber pendants are extremely popular items.

They are made from natural Baltic amber stones that weigh in the range from 3 to 15 grams. Some are fixed with a silver clip for a chain and others are sold without a clip.

They come in the natural colors of Amber. For the most part they are a natural white with some butterscotch shading and mostly butterscotch. Some are opaque some are semi transparent.

These are sold wholesale by the gram. You may choose a weight range for the pendants.

amber pendant amber pendant amber pendant
amber pendant

How They Are Displayed

In shops and at trade fairs these pendants are spread out in trays. People pick and choose from the trays.

Having a selection in trays keeps people occupied and increases sales.

The pendants are sold with out silver chains. Shops keep a selection of silver chains to be sold separately.

These are a remarkably fast-moving item. Women spend a great deal of time picking through the individual pieces. And the longer they look, the more they buy.


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