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Natural Baltic Amber Cut Beads

About beads that are cut from single nuggets of Natural Baltic Amber.

These beads are classified Natural Baltic amber in accordance with the classification standards of the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland. Read those classification standards here.

We can provide these beads either loose or as bead bracelets.

The beads are sold wholesale only and subject to mnimum order requirements.

You will be provided a certificate verifying their authenticity as Natural Amber, origin Baltic Region of Europe.

You may also have them tested by the International Amber Association. Testing information is here.

This table shows the most popular colors chosen.

yellow amber beads cut old amber beads
yellow amber beads cut old amber beads


Below is a picture of a typical 18 mm bead bracelet made with these beads.

natural baltic amber bead bracelet

You may purchase such bead bracelets wholesale at the Wholesale Buyer's Place.



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