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About Natural Baltic Amber Beads

This page provides you basic information about Natural Baltic Amber Beads and links to more specific information about them and how they are used. And it tells you how to buy Natural Baltic Amber Beads wholesale.

You can see examples of Amber Beads and how they are used by reviewing the information in each of the following links.

You can also find information about making wholesale purchases of amber beads, cabochons and chips. That information is contained in targeted pages that are linked below.

Amber beads, pressed into uniform sizes, or drilled chips can be purchased wholesale in 1 kilogram minimum lots. The 1 kilogram is for a given size and given color.


It is important to understand that any bead that is uniformly shaped and sized is pressed. That is the case because it is not possible to mass produce hand carved beads. It is simply not done. There is more information at About Amber Beads

You can get stones that are rounded and drilled. But they are not uniform in weight, size or color. To get uniformity amber must be processed and put into a press. You can see examples of the non uniform stones and how they are used in the link call Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces, which link is below.

More About Amber Beads

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Some people find it more economical to buy finished natural baltic amber necklaces and bracelets than to purchase large quantities of beads and then assemble their own products. One need only purchase a kilogram of these products. And when purchasing finished products, the kilogram can be made up of mixed items.

Here are some links to finished products.

Chip Necklaces

These necklaces are made from unprocessed chips and from amber drops.


Here you find information about wholesale natural baltic amber bracelets plus a video presentation of some typical designs.

Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces

The necklaces shown in this page are made using pure, natural baltic amber. They are hand made and because they are, for the most part, made from unprocessed amber, or in other words, amber that is just polished and drilled, each piece is unique.

Raw And Tumble Baltic Amber

If you wish natural and treated chips, information is at this link

Natural Pressed Beads And Cabochons

You may also buy pressed beads and cabochons. Information is here.

These products may be ordered, and you may get other information by sending email to .

You can get more detailed information by sending email via Contact

Or you can use the Poland Chamber Free information service to have manufacturers contact you directly. Chamber Free Information Service


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