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Natural Amber Beads Production

How Natural Baltic Amber beads are made.

The making of natural Baltic amber bead starts with raw amber.

The size of the amber will determine the maximum size of the bead.

And the characteristics of the particular batch of amber will determine what manufacturing process can be used.

Hand cut beads are particularly difficult to make because amber naturally has voids, cracks, and organic inclusions. As one cuts the beads these false make themselves known to the point that sometimes the beads even crack. Other times the organic inclusions and voids leave the surface unattractive and the bead unusable for jewelry is a cut bead.

Amber that is large enough to make a bead, that is known to have cracks, etc., will have the surface cleaned, and then put in a press and pressed formed. This makes a very high quality bead that often times cannot be distinguished from the hand cut bead.

And then those beads that failed the quality check in hand cutting process, are put into a press and formed.

This process of forming a bead from the single nugget makes a high quality bead because there are no cracks, voids or other faults that can cause problems later. In some ways, these beads are higher quality than beads that are hand cut.

Sometimes small pieces of raw amber have their services cleaned and then are combined in a form to make a bead. Some manufacturers will limit themselves to combining 2 pieces of raw amber, others three pieces and some continue down to the point where they combine powder. Amber is a fusil material I will combine on its own so bonding agents are not necessary. The resulting be is pure amber. Pure natural amber made from raw natural Baltic amber and nothing else.

Craft beads are made by taking small amber chips and tumbling them in an abrasive medium. This process can take a couple weeks.

The final polish on the bead is a function of the length of time of the tumble and the abrasive used.

None of it is raw amber. It has all been processed. And all of this amber is natural amber.


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