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Natural Amber Necklaces

Natural Baltic Amber necklaces for jewelry and healing.

Natural amber necklaces from Poland are distinctive because amber from Poland and the other Baltic countries is unique in its chemical makeup.

You may buy them in the PolandsBestâ„¢ Amber Store. You get full descriptions there. Click on Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces.

Amber from the Baltic region is older than that in many other regions of the world. And it has a higher concentration of succinic acid, also known as amber acid, than any other amber found. In fact there is such a stark difference in the concentration that Chinese herbalists prefer it for their medicines over the cheaper ambers that are found in China.

The age and chemical structure also give it a particular beauty that tends to be lacking in the younger ambers.

Even though it started as tree sap, it is a gemstone. It is soft and workable, as far as petrified rocks go. But it is a very valuable gemstome.

The necklaces from Poland have a long history. They originated at the head of the amber road near Gdansk, Poland. Amber in medieval times was so valuable that for a peasant to posses any, even something found on the beach, meant death by the sword.

The necklaces made today are still made the way they were centuries ago. By hand and in small cottages in the countryside.

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