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The Largest Selection Of Amber In Poland.


Natural Amber Beads

Large natural amber beads available wholesale.

We can provide these beads either loose or as bead bracelets. You can see what they look like in bead bracelets at this link. Bead Bracelets.

The beads are sold wholesale only and subject to mnimum order requirements.

You will be provided a certificate verifying their authenticity as Natural Amber, origin Baltic Region of Europe.

You may also have them tested by the International Amber Association. Testing information is here.

The tables show the approximate gram weights of a single bead. There will be manufacturing tolerances, which is a natural fact of life. But the weights are fairly accurate.

Clear Natural Amber Beads

These beads are clear and used in multi-color bracelets and necklaces that are very popular in the tourist trade.


colors of treated amber


Sizes And Weights ( mm and grams)
10 12 14 16 18 20 22 25 30
.56 .97 1.55 2.28 3.25 4.2 5.9 8.7 15.8


Matt Natural Amber Beads

This selection is extremel popular, especially the butterscotch or old amber color.


natural amber colors


Sizes And Weights ( mm and grams)
10 12 14 16 18 20 22 25 30
.56 .97 1.55 2.28 3.25 4.2 5.9 8.7 15.8


Contact us with a description of your requirements and we will provide you with the current pricing information.


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