Medical Use Of Amber

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Europeans have a lot of faith in Baltic Amber when it comes to health.

The people of Eastern Europe have a long history in using natural medical cures. Though they are often called alternative medical cures, in reality, for many centuries, and for some today, they are mainstream techniques. They are first level complementary medicines in Europe.

Baltic Amber has properties unlike any other amber in the world. It is used by medical practitioners as well as members of the general population who know its history that has been passed from generation to generation.

The Chinese have long been users of Polish Baltic Amber for their herbal medicines. Note that China has amber and regions around China have amber. But the Chinese have learned the benefits of the high concentration of Succinic or Amber Acid in Baltic Amber from Poland.


In Depth Information About The Medical Use Of Amber

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Medical Use Of Amber In China

An full discussion of the use of Amber in Chinese Medicine.

Succinic or Amber Acid

Succinic Acid defines Polish Natural Baltic Amber. It is also known as Amber Acid.

Amber Chips And Their Use As A Natural Cure

Amber Chips have been used in many ways for centuries for natural cures.

Amber Tincture Recipe

A centuries old traditional amber based home remedy.

Amber Oil

Amber oil is a prized possession of those who know where they can find it.

Amber Cures

To make it easy for you to continue your research, we have listed information about the various ailments that Experienced based and Alternative medicine practitioners treat with amber or amber derivatives. This is a list only and this list is provided only for you to do your own research.

About Amber Powder

Amber powder made from Pure Natural Baltic Amber is high in one of natures own cures – succinic acid.

About Amber Aroma therapy

Interesting information to add to your aroma therapy library of knowledge.

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