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Jewelry And Gemstone Identification Reports And Your Business

Why Jewelry And Gemstone Identification Reports are good for your business.

All Amber sellers know that the first question that a customer asks is is it real Amber.

And even if the customer is assured that the product is real Amber and properly classified, customers will take the product is and then have it analyzed or examined by an expert.

And experienced Amber sellers know that most of the experts are not expert at all and are unable to do little more than guess.

Beyond that, some test services in the Far East are not even able to be consistent in their examination.

So rather than to be on the in a defensive position and always on the defense, sell Amber with the testing already done.

Sell your Amber with a certificate that specifically identifies the product that you are selling.

With such a certificate, not only can you recover the extra costs of the certificate, you can sell your product at a premium. The certificate is just like an insurance policy to the customer. And you can sell it as such.

You can emphasize to the customer that if the customer in the future decide to sell the product, the certificate will prove to his buyer that what he is selling is just like he represents.

This certificate is a value add to the customer.

And then it gives you the option to sell products with a certificate and other products without a certificate.

When customers see that you are stocking high-value products with a certificate they will have more faith in you and are more likely to buy some of the standard products.

In short it builds your reputation.

In your advertisements you can announce that your product come with certificates that have a complete analysis of the product and that they are an insurance policy to protect their investment.


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