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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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big bead bracelets
Big Bead Bracelets

The best Genuine Amber Bead Bracelets That Poland Has To Offer.

How To Make The Most Money Selling Amber

A free white paper that shows you the most effective ways to make money selling amber.

Selling amber is the same as selling any other product. If you give the people something they want they will buy it.

You can offer people amber online and off-line. In both cases there are common techniques that you should use.

We will cover them in this material. We will point out the similarities and differences.

In any sales transaction the customer will always have some objection. This objection, or objections,  will have to be overcome in order to close the sale.

When it comes to amber, there are some unique points that you have to address.

There is a basic distrust about the quality and origin of amber. Amber fraud is rampant and people have heard too many stories.

They are reluctant to buy on the Internet. They neither expect that the product will be good nor do they expect that the product will be delivered if they are buying from a location in Europe.

So this gives you an opportunity.

If you have a shop, the solution is simple. Put the amber in front of them – properly.

There are ways to do it and there are ways not to do it. The amber sellers in Gdansk, Poland ,and all around Poland, have the technique honed to perfection. Watch these two videos to see how it is done.  How To Sell Amber Effectively

If you do not have a shop, use someone else's shop. This is a huge opportunity for you.

You can do this without a lot of effort and without a lot of investment. You can do this from home. And, to be quite frank with you, it is likely to be less expensive and you have a much higher probability of success and making money than you would if you were to concentrate only on online sales.

Gift shops, jewelry stores, kiosks and any other place that jewelry might be sold are prime selling points for you. Many of these people would not even consider going to the Internet, ordering jewelry, and importing it. So you do it for them.

You present to them a nice selection of teething necklaces, adult necklaces and bracelets, and a few other pieces of jewelry and they are likely to buy.

Some people even put amber out on a consignment basis. Even to the point of selling it at yard sales and estate sales.

Your goal is to build a network of a few people with shops or other sales points who sell amber retail.

They hav built in customer bases and will make routine sales. Then all you do is order and restock them.

Occasionally, add some new pieces to your selection. As you build your credibility with them they will buy more.

You can find selling points through craigslist, Facebook, and digging through the telephone book. Also consider using Fiverr to have people send out information about your product offer to sell amber wholesale.

If you are going to sell online, Amazon and eBay really don't present you that great an opportunity.  Their fees are just too high. You have to buy it extremely large volume in order to be competitive and make a profit.

Your best option is to set up your own website and promote that.

You can use OS commerce or OpenCart for your online shop. They are open source systems and you do not have to pay to use them. Yes there are extensions, add-ons and you may need some help to set them up. But the costs are low. If you need something, always go to Fiverr first. It is unbelievable what people will do for five dollars.

You are totally independent using those systems.

Many people find that lonely so they use something like the SiteSell system. There are so many users that it is almost as network in its own right.

Those who use Siteell rave about it. Because it is so well structured you are likely to have a higher probability of succeeding. You can read about them here  SiteSell

In any case, you will get your traffic and customers out of the search engines.

The largest search engine in the world is Google. The second is YouTube.

You use YouTube as you would Google to get customers. And you use it to get on page 1 of Google by making simple videos for YouTube about your product and company.

Marketers use this system to automate making videos. It saves them time and they can get many more videos up. The more videos, the more customers. It is paid system, but if you get one customer per month, you are ahead. Read about it here. Automatic Video Maker

Once you're set up with your web site, you will see that you can set up promotions with coupon and discounts. These you can promote through Facebook and your customer base.

Additionally, you will find that OS Commerce and Opencart have affiliate programs. So you can pay others to sell for you.

As far as your investment goes, for an off-line shop, start with the baby related products. Then build from there. Obviously the more you have the more you sell. But start small and test before you make a big investment.

For an online shop, you can use drop shipping. Drop shipping is a temporary thing that you use to test your market and get started. But it gives you a chance to get up online to test not only the market but your personal marketing skills before you make an investment in inventory.

You can use our drop shipping program to get started. Drop Ship Store

Supplement that with drop shippers that you find through either of these drop ship directories. Wholesale Pages   World Wide Brands

And wholesale prices are at the wholesale store. Wholesale Store


Hope that this helps.

If you have questions or comments, write us via our contact page.

Natural Baltic Amber