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How Amber Beads Are Formed From One Stone

About Amber Formed From One Stone

Let us first start with the Amber.

Amber by nature is flat. So there are some very nice Amber stones that are flat but because of their shape cannot be handcarved into a stone.

And then there are some very nice Amber stones that have some minor imperfections such as a surface crack, or some internal crack that can be seen. But they are very nice. It is just that they cannot be handcarved because they would break or they would have imperfections.

And then there are some very nice Amber stones without imperfections but are just shaped badly and cannot be handcarved into a nice bead.

Now Amber is a fusil material.  It flows under pressure. One does not have to apply heat for it to flow Just pressure.

Subjecting it to pressure does create some natural heating. But to make the Amber flow no heat is necessary. Just pressure.

So instead of throwing out this high quality Amber, the individual stones or pieces of stones are put in to a steel mold.

The mold is put into a hydraulic press and the amount of pressure is increased very slowly. Application of pressure slowly prevents temperatures from rising to the point where they would affect either the color or physical characteristics of the Amber.

After a couple days the Amber beads are removed from the mold.

The process reshapes the Amber, causes any voids in the Amber to be removed, and fuses any cracks.

The reshaping process causes the normally flat layers in the Amber to be wrinkled. It is this wrinkling that allows an Amber expert to sometimes note that the Amber was shaped in a mold. But in many cases, it is not possible even for an expert to determine that the Amber was shaped in a mold.

The resulting Amber bead is actually a higher quality bead in that all the imperfections have been removed, the bead is stronger, and it is more uniform in its dimensions.

Note when the Amber is pressed slowly, there is so little heating that there is no color change.

Yes the Amber is modified. What is modified? Cracks are sealed, voids are filled, and the Amber layers are wrinkled.

But it is pure Baltic Amber.

And it has price advantages over hand carved beads.

The cost of handcarved beads over 12 mm in diameter is very high because of the difficulty in getting amber that can be hand carved and because of the high waste that occurs in hand carving.

So because of low waste and the availability of more amber that can be used, the price is much lower.


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