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What Is Genuine Amber?

There are two general types of Baltic Amber. There is Genuine Natural Baltic Amber and Genuine Baltic Amber.

Baltic amber comes from the Baltic Sea region. It lies in the sea bed and in the ground on the seacoast. It is petrified tree sap. It is millions of years old.

The distinction between Natural Baltic Amber and Genuine Baltic amber is that Natural Baltic Amber is in its natural form but for polishing, drilling and shaping. Genuine Baltic amber has been processed in some way.

The vast majority of amber used in jewelry, and beads, is heated and pressed into usable forms. It loses its natural shape but it does not lose the fact that it is Baltic amber. It is the real thing. It is genuine. It is just processed.

There are those who care little about standards and include additives for color. Likewise they may add dilitutive resins in order to get more volume. That is not genuine amber. It is an amber derivative.

Many people want amber that has not been heated because they think it is not genuine amber after it has been heated. Such is not the case. Sometimes heat clarifies an opaque stone. Other times it darkens colors. An it also can be used to create small, and very attractive, light reflecting cracks in a clear stone.

The heating does not change the fact that it is genuine baltic amber. It is just not natural anymore.

Perhaps a greater concern to everyone is the Counterfeit Amber.

And how do you know if your amber is genuine Baltic amber. You know your supplier. You deal only with someone that you can depend on to serve you well. About Us

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