Gemstone Amber Prayer Beads

A very popular line of Islamic prayer beads and Komboli that are afford ably priced for the general market. They are 100%, Authentic, Natural Baltic Amber. There are no powders and no meals. They are reconstructed amber. Read about it at Reconstructed Amber.

The ones shown here are among the most popular. We have many more bead forms.

If you are selling prayer beads made from hand cut or modified amber beads, they are too expensive for most of the people.

And because of that, you are missing the largest market for amber prayer beads.

Besides that, people who can afford the high priced prayer beads sometimes have a need for an inexpensive one.

So the smart businessman at least keeps a stock of the inexpensive prayer beads.

And a very smart businessman recognizes that there is a big market that he can approach with this product.

Plus, you can sell these without making an investment if you use our drop shipping program. Information about that can be found at Sell Amber Using Drop Shipping.

Buy at least one and test the reaction of people around you. Let the market tell you what is the best money maker.

If nothing else, buy some and give them away as business cards or little gifts for your customers’s young adults.



Islamic prayer bead mir-1Islamic prayer bead mir-1Islamic prayer bead mir-1

Prayer Beads

Islamic prayer bead mir-1Islamic prayer bead mir-1
prayer bead mir-5tasbih mir-2
prayer bead mir-6Islamic prayer bead mir-1mir-4
Islamic prayer bead mir-1
Islamic prayer bead mir-1


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