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Baby Teething Necklaces And European Union Standards

About the effect of European Union Stadards EN 71 and EN 12586 on Baby Teething Necklaces.

Baby teething necklaces in the European Union (EU) are regulated by the product safety act which act applies in all countries belonging to the European Union.

This act requires that baby teething necklaces used for children under 36 months satisfy the requirements of European Union regulation EN 71.

Under the product safety act, baby teething necklaces for children under 36 months must be strung on a thread that will break at a tension no lower than 90 Newtons and that the clasp will open at a tension lower than 27 Newtons.

The requirement on the thread breaking at more than 92 N is to ensure that no beads become separated that the child can swallow and choke upon.

European Union Safety Regulation Compliant Necklaces

These necklaces meet the requirements of the European Union Child Protection Act. They are made with a high tensil string and low tension, automatically opening clasp.

baby teething necklace
baby teething necklace
baby teething necklace
baby teething necklace
baby teething necklace
baby teething necklace

The requirement for the clasp to open at a tension lower than 27 N is to prevent the child from strangling.

The standard screw clasp necklaces do not comply with the EU regulations and they must not be sold in EU Countries.

Note that even if a necklace complies with the EU regulations, a child should never be left unattended while wearing a necklace.

You can get necklaces that comply with the European Union Standards at BabySafe Teething Necklaces

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