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The Largest Selection Of Amber In Poland.


Drop Shipping Amber Jewelry

About our free amber jewelry drop shipping program and simple ways to make money using it.

Using this free drop shipping program you can sell Amber jewelry plus selected, high quality Polish products without investing in inventory.

Baby Teething Necklace
Complete Line Of Adult,
Child Necklaces, Anklets,
Bracelets And More

Advantages Of Our Program

This program is designed to help you make your business more successful. Here are some of its advantages.

black dot Sell a large and diverse selection of unique Polish products without having to make any investment in inventory.

black dot Our product line is unique.

black dot We do all the warehousing, buying inventory, packing and shipping for you at no charge.

black dot You are able to spend your time and money on getting new customers and making money rather than running to the post office.

black dot It is totally free and without obligation to join.

black dot You get prices that allow you to complete and make a reasonable profit. All prices are well below retail.

black dot We are a direct supplier. There are no middlemen.

black dot All products offered are kept in stock.

black dot We ship within 1 to 2 business days after receiving the order.

black dot We show you how to make money in many different ways. Here is an example video tutorial. How To Make A Catalog That Sells.




The images show a few of the product types available. There are more and we continue to add as this service grows.

Baby Teething Necklace
Complete Line Of
Traditional Health Necklaces



Drop Shipping Membership Benefits

And how do you benefit?

arrow You get access to popular money making Polish products at wholesale prices.

arrow No minimum orders (order one item or 1000 items. Order only what you need!)

arrow Wholesale prices!

arrow No monthly or yearly fees!

arrow No sign-up fees!

arrow No dropship fees!

arrow All our costs are built into the price of the product. And the products are priced at wholesale prices so that you can make a profit.

arrow Lifetime distributor membership!

arrow No business or resale license required!

arrow Drop shipping directly to your customers!

arrow You sell, place the order with us, you keep your profit, we ship it directly to your customer. The difference between the retail price and your wholesale price is your profit. Your customers pay you directly when you sell an item. You put your profits in your pocket immediately.

arrow Perfect for home based business seekers, work at home moms and dads, retail store owners, Internet retailers, catalog sales associates, flea market vendors, swap meet vendors, home party, fund raisers and you!

arrow No selling experience required! Just show the products. These products practically sell themselves!

arrow And we provide a complete selling on the internet tutorial series


Can You Benefit From This Program?

If even just one of these apply to you, it is probably to your advantage to join and give it a try. 

black dot This program is perfect for pre-startups trying to see if they can make money on the Internet and who want to find out how much it really costs. Without spending money in the process!

Amber Oil
Amber Health Items

black dot A company testing a new product line before adding them to inventory.

black dot A small company that does not want to borrow money to expand and by more inventory.

black dot People who want to start a business without investing in inventory.

black dot People who want help in starting your business at minimum costs.

black dot You want to expand your current product line without spending money or adding storage space.

black dot You want to sell products that people won't find in other dropship programs.

black dot You want to minimize your risks.

black dot You don't want to take on monthly fees or extra charges.


Why Open Membership?

Why should we turn people away with sign up fees? Our products are good, the prices are good. So you can sell and make a profit. There is no need to charge you extra money. We make it on turnover.

bead braceletkitchen tools
Old Amber Bracelets

We get more members by helping new companies and people who want to see what they are getting without having to pay to look and test. And the more members we have, the better off we are.

Our goal is sales. To achieve maximum sales, we want you to join and spend your time on selling and promoting without worrying about monthly fees or any extra charges.




How it works

You become a member, chose the products you want to sell, copy the item pictures and write a description, add your profit margin and update them to your website, blog, Amazon marketplace, Ebay and/or other auction sites, etc. etc. (we show you many you can use). When the item sells you collect the money to your account, place your order in the members area, send us the payment less your profit, we send the product directly to your customer.


What You Can Do With It

Here are just a few. There are many, many more. 

star You can sell on eBay

islamic prayer beads
Amber Prayer Beads

star You can sell on your own website

star You can sell via Facebook

star You can use email marketing

star You can sell on Bonanza

star You can sell on Ecrater

star You can sell your using your own catalog

star If you have a website, you can increase sales on that website by adding product images as advertising.

star You can sell through your blog by adding images as advertisements or adding a shop cart feature.

star Post pictures to Pinterest to get more customers to your site.

star You can make a catalog using Jalbum and add a shop cart.

star About every three months eBay allows you to add free listings. Load eBay with these products

star Ecrater and Bonanza are free systems. You pay a commission when you sell. Load them with these products and sit back. They do the promotion for you.


And in our training materials, we show you with videos and text tutorials how to do these things. No experience required. Just follow the step by step guides.  


Added Benefits Of This Drop Ship Program

We have a complete resources section that shows you where to sell and how to sell. We show you where you get free systems and how to use them. We want you to spend your time promoting. We do not want you spending a lot of unnecessary money. So you we provide you a lot of training material.

Faberge Christmas Ornament
Faberge Style Ornaments
That Sell All Year Round

In short this is a start a business program and also a how-to improve the current income of your current website program.

We want you to sell. So we give you the tools and show you how to do it. Our training materials include text and video.



What You Have To Do To Get Started

1. All you have to do to get access to the members area is tell us who you are so we can set up your account.

2. Read the resource material and instructions. You follow the step by step guide to getting started.

3. You look in the catalogs and download the images of the products that you want to sell. You add them to your website, or whatever selling vehicle that you use.

4. When you sell something, you fill out the order form, pay us the wholesale price, keep your profit, and we ship to your customer.

And that's it.



Final Notes

And as a final reminder, there are no hidden fees, add-ons, extra charges, drop shipping fees, or anything else. You pay the cost of the product plus shipping. You charge the customer the price that you wish.

You can drop out at any time. There is no obligation.

This is an excellent way to make money with some great products and to learn drop shipping at the same time.

Try it now. Here is the form to use to tell us who you are after which we will give you access to the members area.


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