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Do Baby Teething Necklaces Work

Answering your question "Do baby teething necklaces work."

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Natural Baltic Amber is a special material. More than 50 million years old, amber finds its application in medicines and cosmetics.

For centuries women in the Baltic countries have been using amber necklaces to sooth the pain that occurs during teething. The necklaces are made of natural Baltic Amber which is only found along the Baltic seacoast.

Amber is a petrified form of sap from the pine tree Pinus Succinifera. Millions of years ago it sealed the wounds of the antique trees, destroying bacteria, drove off insects, took the inflammation from the tree and smoothed the wound.

Today it carries the same properties. The ancients called it magical. Modern science has proven it is not magic but due to the pain soothing chemical succinic acid (for Amber) which is now approved by the US food and drug administration and manufactured commercially. Succinic acid is nonvolatile, odorless, colorless and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US food and drug administration.

In short, Amber is a proven safe, skin smoothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It is used for curing many ills and relieving pain. See Healing Amber

There are no medical studies that we know of recording the effectiveness of baby teething necklaces.

The only thing we can say is that after centuries of experience with them by European women, they are still popular to the point that they are sold in many pharmacies in Europe.

There is no doubt that many people have had bad experiences with what were purported to be baby teething necklaces. That is because, among other things, there is so much counterfeit, synthetic and false amber being used to make cheap products that will never work.

You must have pure natural baltic amber. See Baby Teething Necklaces.