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Customer Comments

This is a small sample of comments that we have received from customers.

Package received, thank you

Natural Amber Team;
The link to tracking services works fantastic!! I don't need go to the Post Office to check. I can do from home!!
Thank you again for be so kind and send all this information!!

The order calculation is perfect. Thank you!
The wellness products are amazing and beyond my expectations.
The potency of Amber oil is startling. The detox effect is not to be underestimated.
The Amberic took my neck pain away immediately.
I want to market these powerful wellness products. I need to create a business plan and a marketing strategy. I can promote Amber Wellness in the United States.
I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Again, thank you very much!


Yes, thank you. It was received on time. Great customer service.


Thank you for the very fast delivery of product, great product.

Have applied the Amber massage cream, already feel less pain in my knees (had 8 knee surgeries during my younger years/resulted in a form of Arthritis/flare-ups with cold weather/will try the Oil bef. bed time.) I await your soonest response, Thank you, Prosperous Regards,

I am a mommy of a beautiful 5month old little girl and we both wear Baltic Amber necklaces and they have changed my life. I would like to extend the help and knowledge of these to other moms, while being able to make some extra income at the same time. This amber seems perfect for me. Thanks

I have received the package today. The prayer beads was as expected. It is a high quality prayer bead. The color was also as shown in your site. This is the color that we want. We will order more of these beads. I will contact you later.

I have got the parcel from you today. Thank you.

I received the order # aaa a few days ago in my mail box!! Every thing was Ok. Thank you for send me the necklace that was missed in the previous order and for believe in my word. This one was for my sister and she is very happy!! Also I received the other health necklace, shine one, and very pretty and the bracelet with nice size of old amber chips!!!

I like all the products and I am very pleased with the service.

Thank you so much for send me the tracking number, E-mails, for you concern and all the attentions!!
I am very please with your products and service and I thinking in the future, do an other humble order, once my working situation get better.

I received the necklaces on December 10. They are perfect. The wife and kids love them. They sure have helped my 6 month old not have soaked outfits, I just wish had know about them 4 months ago. I sure will refer anyone that I know who could benefit from Baltic amber's healing power about your company. Thank you so much. Happy holidays from our family to yours.

The amber beads are very nice. I would like to order more tomorrow. Would you please let me know that is there any old amber beads around 20mm. In mainland China, people like the old one for barcelete and necklace. I would like to order some pendants as well. Do you have any good ideas? I am looking forward to receive your reply

Hello, I have received my order and am very pleased! Thank you :)

Gary, please thank your staff for all the efforts. I think everything is stunning and the wait was well worth the wait. With all the handling the shipment went through, only one broken piece. I need a few days to go through the Christmas ornaments. I think I will take the extra pieces..I will let you know, ASAP.

Today I received the order aaa in my mail box with the necklace and the 10 claps that I order. Thank you so much!!
The tracking number was a little different. The number that I received was rr904jflkfdjf. And the number in the envelope is RR 904 jfl kfd jf. But is Ok because I received the envelope to my mail box!

Again, thank you so much and I am very pleased with the pretty necklace!! I image that is a lot of work collect and work the beautiful amber. I wear the necklaces and bracelet every day and I feel warm and good when I do that!
Thank you!!

And there are many, many more.



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