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Colors Of Amber

The colors of natural, untreated amber and natural Baltic amber when heated.

The pictures below show the various colors of amber that are most commonly offered in jewelry.

|There are some very rare colors such as red, green and other shades of the rainbow that one occasionally finds.

There are many, many color combinations offered that are synthetics and frauds. See counterfeit amber samples.

Note that cherry is not a natural color. It is created by heating amber to a high temperature at which point the cherry color develops.

Also note that amber is a living gemstone. It changes when exposed to light and air. It turns into "old amber".(You can restore the original surface color by cleaning it with toothpaste.)

natural amber colors

colors of treated amber

If the colors that you want are not shown here, be sure to look at the fake amber samples page.

Also, it is important that you read the book Guide To Amber Immitations.

Here are some colors created by pressing two stones together.





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