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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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Amber Products For The China Market

This information is provided to try to help you increase your sales when selling amber products to Chinese people.

The information is based on our experience in selling in Warsaw, Poland to a large Chinese tourists trade as well as selling online.

By far the most popular product is the bead ring.

Gallery Of The Most Popular Products For The China Market

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Bead rings come with bead sizes generally from 8mm to 25 mm.

And many come with beads that are handcarved from one Amber stone/nugget and with beads that are formed from one stone/nugget. Some are made with beads formed from 2+ stones.

People generally demand only bead rings made by hand carving a bead from one Amber stone/nugget.

The same people complain about the price of bead rings made like this when the beads are larger than 14 mm.

So they often buy something cheaper and that is a bead ring made with beads that are formed from one stone/nugget

Bead rings made from one Amber stone/ nugget are available with beads up to 20 mm in diameter.

They are not available with beads over 20 mm in diameter. They are not available because the Amber required to make them is exorbitantly expensive and often not available at all.

Our experience shows that the biggest sellers are bead rings made from handcarved beads with beads under 14 mm.

Bead rings made from handcarved beads between 14 mm and 20 mm sell but people often choose the less expensive bead rings formed from one stone/nugget.

If they want a bead ring made from a bead above 20 mm, they have to choose beads formed from one stone because that is all that there is.

Beads made by hand carving from a single stone/nugget, are classified by the International Amber Association, Gdansk Poland, as Natural Baltic Amber (succinite). Read this

Beads made by forming from a single stone/nugget are classified as modified (pressed) Amber (succinite).

It is important to note that very few people can visually tell the difference between beads made both ways. And this is particularly true with beads 14 mm and over.

There are many Amber traders who buy the larger modified Amber beads and sell them as if they were not modified.  If you read about how they are made you can see why they are able to do this.

At the amber shows in Gdansk, it is normal for supposedly knowledgeable big buyers from China not being ablt to tell if something is natural or modified. We watch them buy and then  go to the amber laboratory that is always at the shows in Gdansk, to ask for verification that the product is amber - no less natural cut or modified.

In short, there is very little difference in the appearance of the product. And buyers, wholesale and retail, with a few exceptions, cannot tell the difference.

And in our experience, retail customers are prone to choose the cheaper beads especially when they are buying beads over 14 mm. They can afford them.

The smaller beads are expensive on a relative basis, but because the bead rings do not weigh that much, the end cost is affordable
So if you are selling bead rings to Chinese customers, it behooves you to buy a selection of bead rings handcarved under 14 mm, but a selection of bead rings hand carved and modified up to 20 mm. And then above 20 mm you must buy modified.



 Buddhist prayer beads

These are a big seller and a fast-moving item.

They are generally made from handcarved beads.

They come in many color variations in bead sizes from 7 mm up to about 9 mm. There is always a selection at Amber Ready For Immediate Shipment.

Our experience with Chinese tourists in Warsaw shows that spending time on choosing colors to display is a waste of time. As long as they are handcarved beads, they are placed on the rack and they sell.

The most important thing is to have a minimum of 10 on the rack. The shop in Warsaw has upwards of 70 on the rack and they sell very quickly. People love to choose.

There are other products, of course, that are available.  But this is the basic product line that every Chinese wholesaler and retailer should have.

If you want to start a business selling to china and do not have money to invest in inventory, use our drop ship program. Click here for information.