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Certified Amber Bead Bracelets

About extra high quality Baltic amber bead bracelets that come with a Certificate Of Authenticity With Photo.

If you wish to protect the resale value on your Amber, and if you are selling to the public, to give your customers the ultimate in assurance that the Amber is authentic and is as represented, then these bead bracelets should be very attractive to you.

Amber is a living gem. It is a fusil material. Under carefully controlled pressure, slowly applied, quality Amber stones can be caused to combine. The combination process, carefully done, results in such high quality beads that Amber experts cannot always tell whether a bead was made from one stone or more than one stone.

In this case, these beads are made with special hand picked extra high quality stone. The resulting beads are beautiful and actually in many cases more attractive than either the carved or formed from one stone beads.

In addition to high quality beads, you get a Certificate Of Authenticity With Photo which is highly valuable in its own right. You may read about them here. Information Report

Available in sizes 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20mm.

You may get these bead rings in white/butterscotch or old Amber color. The images show examples. Contact us for more specific information.


high quality bead ring
high quality bead ring
Old Amber Color
high quality bead ring

If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.