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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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About Us And Our History

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Big Bead Bracelets

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Certificate Of Authenticity - Amber

About the Certificate Of Authenticity provided to our customers and to our dealers.

We only sell products made of natural Baltic Amber. There are no additives, colorants, powders, meals or any other resins glues, etc. Everything is Amber.

All our products are properly classified in accordance with the classification guidelines of the international Amber Association, Gdansk Poland.

We sell Amber products that are classified as natural Baltic Amber, modified Baltic Amber, and pressed Baltic Amber. We do not sell bonded Amber.

Our products are made only from Amber stones and blocks. We do not deal in any products that are made up of meals, powders, or any combination of Amber that has any additives or colorants.

We classify all Amber in accordance with the standards of the International Amber Association, Gdansk Poland. Here is a direct link to the classification page at the International Amber Association website.

After examination of our products, our business practices, and our experience in selling Natural Baltic Amber products since 1995, we have been awarded a certificate by the Poland Iimport Export Chamber Of Commerce Online, which certificate certifies our products to be made from Pure Natural Baltic Amber.

All retail customers are provided a certificate of authenticity which certifies that the product is made from Baltic Amber. Resellers are issued a single certificate of authenticity that certifies that all the products in the shipment originated with natural Baltic Amber.

We offer, also, a certificate of authenticity which is also an Certificate Of Authenticity With Photo. Identifying information including a picture of the particular product, is included on the certificate along with other essential information. You can find information about the Certificate Of Authenticity With Photo here.

Additionally, a certificate, called Jewelry And Gemstone Identification And Test Report, that contains all the essential identifying information plus the test results from an Amber laboratory that verify the product is made from Baltic Amber, is available on order.

You can read about that certificate here.

Note that for insurance purposes and for resale purposes, the Certificate With Photo helps establish value.

If you are interested in resale of something that you bought the personal purposes, or are a reseller of Amber, then the Jewelry And Gemstone Identification And Test Report are extremely important to you. Amber fraud is rampant. This jewelry and gemstone identification test report establishes that without question the product is made from natural Baltic Amber. Wholesalers should read why these reports are important to their businesses.

Contact us if you would like to have issued either of the reports. Contact Form


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