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Calibrated Amber Beads

The sizes and colors of calibrated amber beads with information about how to buy wholesale.

Below is a picture of calibrated amber beads showing some of the various colors available.


colors of treated amber

Beads are available in sizes 4,5,6,7,8,9 mm. They are drilled and ready for stringing.

These beads are natural baltic amber. In order to acheive the uniform color and shapes, they are by necessity heat treated and formed in a press to make them round.

They are Treated Amber (succinite) as defined by the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland. (See Classification Of Amber ) . They are to be distinguished from Reconstucted amber which is made from tiny pieces of stone. (See Reconstructed Amber Beads And Cabochons.)

Calibrated beads offer the jewelry maker consistency of size and color. They are very popular among jewelers who wish to use succinite beads.

For information about buying these wholesale, go to Wholesale Calibrated Amber Beads




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