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Buy Certified Amber

Buying certified amber is to your benefit

Virtually all amber companies will issue a certificate of authenticity. There is no doubt that most of these companies are honest in their issuance of these certificates.

A good majority of the certificates, however, are generic in nature. And one cannot be sure that a certificate in hand applies to the jewelry in hand.

Amber jewelry is generally not identify buying a serial number or other unique mark. As such when a customer gets a piece of amber he can be satisfied that it is genuine when he gets it with the certificate.

But on resale of the amber, one cannot be sure that the certificate applies to the piece.

Unless, the certificate contains identifying information which includes at a minimum a picture, gram weight, and description.

Better yet, one should buy jewelry with a certificate that contains IRS test results from the international amber Association Gdansk Poland.

These certificates give you a high level of assurance as to the quality of your product.

Why it is important? Amber fraud is a problem. It is a big problem. And it is not going to go away.

Protect yourself from step one by buying certified amber with detailed certificates and, for your best protection, a certificate that contains test information.

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