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Natural Baltic Amber Bracelets

Here you find information about wholesale natural baltic amber bracelets plus a video presentation of some typical designs.

To make a presentable and wearable natural baltic amber bracelet, the amber must be processed and shaped. In some cases the processing is as simple as polishing the raw amber stones to remove the sharp edges. The result is a traditional raw amber bracelet such as was worn during the medieval times.

But to make more attractive and wearable amber bracelets, the amber must be heated and pressed into the desired shapes.

The heating and pressing process does not alter the fact that the result is genuine baltic amber. See What Is Genuine Amber.

In the pictures below, if you note the first three bracelets, you see the results of heating amber to the point where it is a melt and then shaping drops off the melt. The heating makes the amber workable and clarifies it.

In other pictures you see some darker colors. Some of these colors are brought out in the heating process of certain stones.

All the bracelets shown here are on stretchable bands so they are easy to fit. When you order, unless you specify differently, you will get a mix of different sizes. Generally they are sized to sell to a broad cross of the population.

Many people use bracelets such as these for their medical and pain relieving benefits. See Medical Use Of Amber They are often chosen over a necklace because they are more easily put on and taken off. And they can be worn in situations when a necklace might not be appropriate.

If you are going to sell Natural Baltic Amber, it is recommended that you include some bracelets.

No two necklaces are exactly alike. They fit a general pattern, but each one is unique.

Those shown here are available wholesale through Wholesale Products Poland - a web site that offers you direct contact with jewelry manufacturers. You can get more detailed information by sending email via Contact

Or you can use the Poland Chamber Free information service to have manufacturers contact you directly. Chamber Free Information Service

As a note, the minimum wholesale order is generally 1 kilogram of product. But that is a detail that you will have to work out with the manufacturer.