Books About Amber

Amber is a gem of opportunity.

Its weight and unique beauty make it ideal for jewelry.  Its chemical properties enable it to be used for anti-aging, health maintenance and in therapeutics. Having trapped animals and insects preserved in many gems, scientists can examine remarkably preserved, 40 million y ears old specimens.  With each gem having a unique color and layer pattern, it is a collector’s dream.  And its value makes amber fraud using plastics and modern synthetics very profitable.

With all this in mind, it offers you a great business opportunity.

This amber book library contains important information about amber that any amber buyer should have. They show you how you can use the amber gem opportunity to your benefit.

We have a hard time recommending one over the other.  They are all good!

Read at least one.

amber buyers guideAmber Buyer’s Guide –   The Buyer’s Guide, a 42 page well illustrated publication, provides answers and gives you solutions. You get what you need to be assured and to get exactly what you want.

The Buyer’s Guide is a reference manual for you – whether buying for yourself or for resale. Detailed, thorough, authoritative information guides you safely through the amber buying process.

You are given an in-depth knowledge of Baltic Amber and it’s imitations – synthetic and otherwise. There is a lot of information that you will not find anywhere else.

Describing in detail how Baltic Amber is processed from the point it is gathered as a rough stone to the point where it is presented to you as fine jewelry, you will learn exactly what it is being offered to you.

Plus you learn how the medicinal properties are really affected by heat and pressure and the best products to use for anti-aging and therapeutics.

And as rampant as amber fraud is, you learn how to avoid fraudulent sellers and products. Additionally you are given a comprehensive step-by-step procedure to properly test amber so that you get credible results.

In short, this book gives you the necessary knowledge to avoid fraud and buy Baltic Amber with comfort and safety.


guide to amber imitationsGuide To Amber Imitations –  32 page publication, it contains a comprehensive and detailed expose of contemporary amber counterfeiting as well as details about how it was done in the past.

It is well illustrated and gives the reader an in-depth knowledge of the processes used to create amber imitations that are flooding the market today.

It also reviews the 20th Century processes used to create cheap trade goods for the African market and how the Communist government was involved in making amber imitations that are many times still kept as precious and valuable family heirlooms. These goods find their way to antique shops, specialty shops, and estate sales where they command , and are sold for, high prices even though they are low value imitations.

And having educated the reader about the problem, this book provides testing procedures and methods to protect oneself when buying amber.


amber in therapeuticsAmber In  Therapeutics – A booklet authored by Gabriela Gierlowska, a noted amber expert associated with the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland.

This booklet is an authoritative source on amber and amber therapy.

A very important book for anyone considering the therapeutic use of Amber.

Extensive coverage of the history of the use of Amber as a medicine. It then delves in to modern research and ways it is currently used.

Covers in detail the ways Amber is currently used for antiaging, health maintenance, and as a medicine.

Includes sources of health products, medicinal Amber, recipes and routines.



modern amber theraputicsModern Amber Therapeutics –    Current methods of using amber in therapeutics with extensive background and related information.
For centuries amber has been used for cures in many ways.

It was once considered one of the world’s top six medications. It was thought to cure everything from the flu to skin diseases.

And thanks to modern research, it continues to be used in some of the traditional ways as well as new ways.

Read this book to understand the history and benefits of amber used in therapeutics.  And follow the evolution into today’s structured procedures.

Includes recipes and techniques for using amber for health.


drop shipping on a budgetDrop Shipping On A Budget –  Shows you how to inexpensively and easily start a drop shipping business.

If you are interested in selling amber using drop shipping, this material will help you get started right.

It covers drop shipping in general so you can use it to expand your business interests to other products as well.

Well worth the investment.

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