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Which Baby Teething Necklace Color Is Best

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About choosing the best color for your baby teething necklace and which gives the most relief.


The soothing ingredient in a baby teething necklace is succinic acid. Succinic acid content in an amber bead is not color dependent. That means that a given color is not better than other colors for pain relief.

What is important is how much of the succinic acid is transferred from the bead to the skin.

The bead surface finish makes the difference. Amber with open pores transfers better.  So raw amber is best. But that is too irritating for babies.  Highly polished necklaces are most comfortable. But the pores of the amber are most closed. The succinic acid finds it hard to get to the surface of the amber.

A sand burnished amber bead is best because it is smooth enough to be comfortable to wear, but the unpolished surface will transfer succinic acid better than a polished bead.

Here are two examples of the best teething necklaces that you can get. They are burnished bead necklaces that have the most ability to sooth pain.



Additional Information

We have a free book that gives complete information about teething necklaces, safety, medical effects and much, much more that you can get here. Baby Teething Necklaces And Amber Used As A Medicine


Explanation of Why "As for color type, there is no real difference."

Now let's get a little more specific.

Baltic amber is a petrified form of sap from the pine tree Pinus Succinifera. Millions of years ago it sealed the wounds of the antique trees, destroying bacteria, drove off insects, took the inflammation from the tree and smoothed the wound.

Today it carries the same properties. The ancients called it magical. Modern science has proven it is not magic but due to the pain soothing chemical succinic acid (for Amber) which is now approved by the US food and drug administration and manufactured commercially. Succinic acid is nonvolatile, odorless, colorless and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US food and drug administration.

In short, Amber is a proven safe, skin smoothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. See Healing Amber

Amber gets its color either naturally from organic materials that were trapped in the sap or by amber artists heating and cooling it to change colors.

It is the amber that carries the succinic acid. The amount in any one piece of amber does not vary with color.

What matters is how easily the succinic acid can be transferred to the body.

Raw amber is somewhat porous. The pores are very fine, but they exist. They increase the surface area of a piece of amber.

As you polish amber, you tend to close the pores. Actually, the pore closing process is what makes the amber shine.

As you close the pores, there is less surface area so the rate of succinic acid transfer is reduced.

So putting this together:

A raw, unpolished amber necklace will transfer succinic acid faster. But the stones are rough and can be uncomfortable.

A semi-polished or sand burnished necklace is comfortable and there are larger and many more open pores than a highly polished necklace.

Summary Again

Color makes no difference.

Surface polishing does.

Best - Semi-polished or sand burnished. And here is a link to a semi polished and what is probably one of the most effective baby teething necklaces.

Most Popular And Still Effective - Tumble polished. Get them here.



We have a free book that gives complete information about teething necklaces, safety, medical effects and much, much more that you can get here. Baby Teething Necklaces And Amber Used As A Medicine








Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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