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Basic Amber Products To Sell

What Amber products should you sell?

Here are recommendations based on the experience of shop owners who sell Amber from Poland.

There are two considerations when selling Amber jewelry.

First you want something to attract people to your shop. You may not sell much of that product, but you will get them to your shop.

Then once they are in your shop, you want to provide them something to buy in case they do not like the product that attracted them .

So you have to look at products for sales and products for attraction.

And here is a rather interesting note for those of you selling baby teething necklaces. The baby teething necklace market is small compared to the overall Amber jewelry market. So if you are attracting people to your site for baby teething necklaces, give them some other choices. You will increase your sales.

How They Sell To Tourists In Poland

You can learn a lot by watching how merchants in Poland sell to tourists.

They know what people want. What these tourists by is typical of what people buy online.

Watch the videos in this page to see how they do it. It shows how it is done outdoors but the same principles apply online and in your shop.

Click here ( How To Sell Amber Effectively ) and get good information. A new window will open in your browser screen so that you do not lose this page.


Now for some specific recommendations

Earrings are a first choice as far as sales go.

They will not attract people to your store for the first time, but they will keep people coming back once they know that you have a good selection of earrings.

Here are two recommendations: Earrings and Handmade Earrings

They are relatively inexpensive, make fine gifts, and are often bought after people look at everything else in your store. The more different earrings that you have, the more you will sell.

We cannot over emphasize this. Stock earrings!

As a second choice for sales, add a large selection of pendants and silver chains.

Here are very popular Natural Baltic Amber Pendants.

And here are pendants in silver. Amber Pendants

Add pendants alone as well as pendant and earring sets.

Like earrings, they make fine gifts and are low-cost.

Then you should have some necklaces. Necklaces serve two functions for you.

A wide selection of the traditional chip necklaces will sell well but more importantly you can display them prominently and attract people to your store or booth. See them here. Health Necklaces

You will, of course, find that they sell well.

But they also sell your other products.

People will look at them and buy earrings and pendants.

In addition to the traditional chip necklaces, you should add some of the polished adult necklaces. They are delicate, relatively inexpensive, can be sold as a health item, and are quite fashionable. They can be seen here. Polished Health Necklaces

Depending on the amount of money that you wish to invest, you might add some of the more expensive natural Baltic Amber jewelry. It is a relatively slow mover as compared to everything else above, but they are good money makers. Natural Amber Necklaces

Avoid the silver necklaces unless you are going to make a big investment. Add them later.

People will always ask for rings. But selling rings is quite difficult. You need a wide selection of rings types but then you also need a wide selection of sizes. Invest in inventory mentioned above before you spend a lot of money on rings
Add a few sets of teething necklaces and teething necklace combinations. There is a big market for these. But there is a bigger market for all the products above. So don't limit yourself to teething necklaces. Give the people a big choice.


Our recommended priority

Chip Health Necklaces - As big a variety as possible to keep people looking. Ask your European supplier for unadvertised specials. You will be surprised how many he has that he sells to pharmacies in Europe.

Polished Health Necklaces - A half dozen colors/designs

Earrings - Two each of 25 pairs to start. Then build.

Pendant Earring Sets - Balance with earrings. If you order 10 pendant sets, you can cut back on 10 earrings. Try for at least 15 to 20 sets.

Teething Necklace Sets - A half dozen colors/designs

Add other products slowly to test your customer base response.



If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.