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Choose 3, 5 or 10 packages of 10 grams each containing the beads of your choice and get discounts and wholesale prices.

Here is how it works. You choose from any of the bead packages that sell for $13.99 .

You decide on how many packages you want.

Add this item (the one you are reading about now)  to your shopping cart. When you do, you will have to choose one of the available options which are 3 packages, 5 packages or 10 packages.

Please note that you buying packages.  Read How Many Beads In 10 Grams. Click Here

Also please note that after we get your order for the AMOUNT you tell us WHICH beads you want.

Complete your checkout.

When we see your order, we will, on the next business day, contact you and ask you which beads you would like to have in the package. Or, if you wish, immediately after you order you can send email to support@natural-baltic-amber.com and tell us which beads you have chosen. Be sure to include your order number.

If you choose an available option of 3 packages, the price represents a 10% discount from retail.

If you choose an available option of 5 packages, the price represents a 20% discount from retail.

If you choose an available option of 10 packages, the price represents a 30% discount from retail.

All beads are provided in 10 gram packages.

You must choose from the beads that retail for $13.99 in this online store. If at any time you have any questions at all, send them in email via Contact Form

Below are listed all beads available in this listing. Please note that bulky and bean shaped butterscotch beads are available only in their own listings because they are more expensive.

flat (only small):
aa-3 flat -6 lemon
aa-11 flat -6 butterscotch
aa-4 flat -6 honey
aa-10 flat -6 cognac

random shape (only small):
aa-2 random shape -6 cherry
aa-22 random shape -6 green

bulky small:
aa-17 bulky -6 lemon
aa-12 bulky -6 honey
aa-13 bulky -6 cognac

bulky medium:
aa-6 bulky +6 lemon
aa-16 bulky +6 honey
aa-5 bulky +6 cognac
aa-24 bulky +6 cherry
aa-9 bulky +6 green

beans small:
aa-18 beans -6 lemon
aa-14 beans -6 honey
aa-15 beans -6 cognac
aa-20 beans -6 cherry
aa-21 beans -6 green

beans medium:
aa-25 beans +6 lemon
aa-26 beans +6 honey
aa-27 beans +6 cognac
aa-28 beans +6 cherry
aa-23 beans +6 green

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Custom Wholesale Bead Offer - Beads By The Bag

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