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Baby Teething Necklaces

About Natural Baltic Amber baby teething necklaces and their use.

There are many types of teething necklaces on the market. Many are effective. But, unfortuneately, there are a significant number that are nothing but cheap, immitation, junk jewelry.

We recommend strongly that whether you are buying for personal use, or to resell, you read our free book on Baby Teething Necklaces And Amber Used As A Medicine.

The ingredient in amber that makes it effective is amber acid (more formally succinic acid ). Of all the ambers, Pure Natural Baltic Amber has the highest concentration of succinic acid. That is why when you are buying necklaces, you should be sure to buy Natural Baltic Amber teething necklaces.

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Teething Necklace Design

Necklaces come in two basic designs. Those closed with a screw clasp and those closed with an automatic opening safety clasp that meets EU regulations.

And then there are two basic bead designs.

The first is the highly polished bead made from raw, natural Baltic amber.

The second is the burnished bead, or partially polished bead, made from raw, natural Baltic amber .These necklaces have open pores for efficient transfer of the soothing agent and the beads are bulky baroque measuring 6mm to 8mm in size so they have a good amount of soothing agent to be transferred.

The pictures below show examples of burnished bead necklaces. They are the most effective type of baby teething necklaces.


burnished necklace
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burnished necklace
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