Amber Tinctures

After many hundreds of years of experience with them, the use of amber tinctures for health continues to be popular in Europe

Many people in Europe use amber tinctures as part of their health maintenance routines. The use of such tinctures has a long history and goes back to the medieval days when it was noted that amber workers did not die of the Black Plague.

The tinctures are made from amber chips and powders. A recipe for a home remedy amber tincture is below.

People get the chips either by the bag or by the bottle. They find them in alternative medicine shops and at amber trader stands. You can get amber chips for tinctures online by going to

Bottled chips are very popular in the tourist areas on the Baltic. They are a natural addition to the necklaces and bracelets that they sell as part of their normal trade. Other health care products sell well alongside them. You can see them here. Amber Health Care.

amber chips

Here is a recipe that has been passed down through one families line. It is passed to you for your own research.

Making the Tincture

Crush 15 grams of amber chips in a mortar.

Add it to 250 ml of vodka.

Store the vodka for 10 days in a warm dark place. Be sure to shake it at least one a day.

After 10 days, more is better, the tincture is ready. You do not have to decant or filter it. You just pour off what you need. When it is almost all used, crush the amber again and start a new batch.

Use of the Tincture

For Adults

1 st day – 1 drop
2 nd day – 2 drops
and so on until the 10 nth day.

11 nth day – 10 drops
12 th day – 9 drops
and so on until the 20 th day.

Take 10 days off and then start again.

For Children

Go only to 5 drops.

We have only folklore to go on about this recipe’s effectiveness. All we can say is that amber chips are sold all over Poland to people who use their own variants of recipes like this.

To try making your own tinctures, get amber chips for tinctures at PolandsBest.

And if you have any questions or need further information, contact us.

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