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Amber Tincture Bottle

About amber chips in bottles for tinctures.

Amber chips sold in bottles are generally sold off-line in tourist areas.

They are attractive gift items that displaying well on shelves. Because they are impulse buy products the cost of the bottles can be absorbed.

But if you are buying for personal use, it is more economical to buy amber chips by the bag. You can get a good price by going to this link at PolandsBest .

If you own a gift shop, you might consider buying the amber chips in bulk and packaging them in your own bags or bottles.

Finally, these amber chips present you a you make entrepreneurial opportunity. Since shipping bottles with amber from Poland to the Americas is relatively expensive, buy chips and bottles and then make your own brand. Sell these to gift shops.

Once again here is a link to where you can buy amber chips .

You can also buy them in wholdsale quantities at the Wholesale Store .


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