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Amber Test Kit

About the materials that you need to properly test amber.

Testing amber properly requires that you have some basic testing equipment and materials. We call this combination an "Amber Test Kit".

Focusing on the two most important basic tests, (we do not include IRS testing which require sending your amber to a laboratory ) you will need an amber test stone that has been verified as Baltic Amber. Without such a stone you cannot properly test amber.

You should also have a piece of copal. That is not necessary, but it is a good idea to give you a higher level of confidence.

A pin (a fine tipped soldering iron, a wire about 1 mm in diameter, a small drill about 1 mm in diameter or something similar) that will be heated and inserted into the amber to cause it to smoke.

A piece of plastic.

Finally, some acetone or ether. Some people use nail polish. Not all nail polish is satisfactory. You need acetone or ether.

With these materials in hand, you can properly test your amber.

A complete guide to testing amber is in the Amber Buyers Guide .


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