Amber Powder Oils

About amber oils that are made using amber powder.

A centuries old technique for using amber powder that remains popular today, is to mix amber powder with oil and apply the oil as needed to sooth pain and enjoy the other health benefits of Baltic Amber.

Such powder based oils are made privately for private use.

Europeans have used amber oils for centuries. They value the oils for the medicinal properties of amber as well as its ability for keeping their skins clear and supple.

The old recipes call for fine grind amber powder and any plant oil or honey. Rose oil was favored.

This modern recipe uses cold pressed, natural sunflower oil. Cold pressed natural sunflower oil is used because it contains a high amount of natural vitamin E. The idea is that if you are going to look for health benefits of an oil, one should look for the most benefit by using a beneficial vitamins containing oil.

Commercial manufacturers of amber oils add other natural ingredients. You may wish to do the same.

The basic proportions are 100 mL of your chosen oil and 50 g of Amber powder. Adjust this based on your needs and experience.

Add the ingredients to a brown glass jar.

Shake the jar at least once a day for 3 to 6 weeks.

Keep it at room temperature, and out of the sun. It is best to store it in a dark corner of a  cabinet.

When you are ready, separate the oil, which now contains amber’s active ingredients, from the powder residue. Either skim the oil off the top or use a coffee filter.

The oil has a shelf life up to 10 months.

The powder residue can be used as  massage cream.

Apply the oil sparingly to test its effect on you. Increase the amount you use and the frequency of application based on your experience.

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