Amber Pendants

Polish Baltic amber pendants with amber mounted in silver, gold and gold plated silver. This page shows typical Baltic Amber pendants.

Every pendant is handmade and each is made from a unique piece of amber. So every pendant is one of a kind.

The picture below shows some typical medium-sized pendants made from various types of stones. Some of the stones are handled polished natural Baltic Amber and others are improved Amber pieces.

Stones are mounted in either silver, gold or gold plated silver.

We have available also some very large pendants.

So what we are showing you here are pictures to give you some basic examples. If you are interested you can go to either of our stores or contact us directly and we will help you.

You can buy pendants like these, and others for personal use at

To buy wholesale quantities, at wholesale prices, register at the wholesale store and contact the store manager for the latest information and prices.
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amber pendant 1
amber pendant 2
amber pendant 3
amber pendant 4
amber pendant 5
amber pendant 6
amber pendant 7
amber pendant 8
amber pendant 9
amber pendant 10
amber pendant 11
amber pendant 12
amber pendant 13
amber pendant 14
amber pendant 15
amber pendant 16
amber pendant 17
amber pendant 18
amber pendant 19
amber pendant 21

If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.


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