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The Largest Selection Of Amber In Poland.


Amber Pendants Special Offers

Natural baltic amber white stone pendants sold by the gram.

These are natural Baltic Amber white stones that are tumbled polished and mounted with a silver clasp.

Every stone is different, every pendant is different and every pendant weighs a different amount.Because of that these pendants are sold by the gram. We can pick a weight range for you, what pendants are sold in bulk within that weight range.

For your convenience you can purchase the pendants here as samples. You can also purchase all of them as part of a wholesale order.

Amber pendants in stock and ready for delivery as sample orders. All are one of a kind and sold on a first paid basis.

These are listed in our online store. You may purchase single items there. Click Here


amber pendant
2.9 Grams
amber pendant
3.0 Grams
amber pendant
2.7 Grams
amber pendant
7.5 Grams

If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.