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The Largest Selection Of Amber In Poland.


Amber Gemstones

Collections of amber gemstones available for shipment in small quantities..

In this page we list collections of amber gemstones that are available for shipment to small gem shops and bead dealers.

These are hand picked for large batches of natural Baltic amber and are chosen for clarity and attractiveness.

You may also order these by the kilogram directly from a mine in Poland. The quality will be high, but they will not be hand picked. They are still very salable.

You can see the link to amber available from this mine at this link. Raw amber from Poland.

This page will be updated as gemstones turn over. So bookmark it and come back occasionally.

For information about the current pricing on item shown, contact us.


amber gemstones

48 grams of clear Natural Baltic Ambe in six nuggets A particularly fine grouping.





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