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Frequently Asked Questions About Amber

In this page we list the answers to questions that we get from visitors which questions are related to natural baltic amber.

Sometimes the questions are variants on what we have here, but the what is being asked is most often the same as the listed question. If you have a question that is not answered either here or within the web site, send it to us at .


Is natural Baltic amber considered raw Baltic amber? Where does the Baltic amber need to come from to be genuine, could it come from any place in the Baltic region not just Poland? I am looking for a teething necklace and do not know how to find a reputable seller. Does a certain color mean that it would have more or less of the succinic acid? I do know that it has to have the higher levels of acid to be effective and knotted in-between each bead. What should I actually be looking for in Baltic amber teething necklace? I live in the US but do you know of any reputable seller of genuine Baltic amber?

How do I know that I am getting genuine amber?

It is like anything else that you get on the web. Know your supplier. Get a return guaranty.

And always remember, that amber is a gemstone. Gemstones do not sell under market price. So if you get a lowball offer, think twice. Check your supplier.

See Counterfeit Amber.


Where can I get raw, unprocessed amber beads the size I want?

You CAN'T! They are not made.

You can get tumbled amber stones that are drilled. But they are not sized and they are not uniform. See Amber Beads.


I can get teething necklaces cheaper elsewhere. Why are yours so expensive?

They are priced as necklaces made out of gemstones. They do not have plastic or colored resin beads. Or amber colored resin beads, either. See Teething Necklaces.


Where can I get raw amber with insect inclusions?

Inclusions are rare. Amber traders tend to sell anything with an inclusion to a select circle of regular customers.

We know of no supplier of Natural Baltic Amber who offers amber with inclusions, wholesale, on the open market.

If you have a question that is not answered either here or within the web site, send it to us via Contact .


We do hope that this Amber Frequently Asked Questions page has been informative and helpful.

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