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Baltic Amber Chips

A video and text presentation about Baltic Amber chips and beads and how to buy them.

Baltic Amber chips are available to be shipped to you directly from Poland. In the video to on the right-hand side of this page you see a quick overview of some of the types of chips that are available to you.

You can buy these chips in bulk, or you can buy them by the 50 g package.

In the pictures below you see some chips. They are very attractive when made into necklaces.

In fact, these are the chips that are used to make the most popular amber necklaces sold in Europe. You can combine these with other decorative items to make your own designs.

You can get more information about them by clicking on the link below each chip.

 plus 7 amber chips
+ 7 Natural Amber Chips
medium golden amber chips
Medium Golden Cognac Chips
large cognac chips light
Large Cognac Chips




None of the chips pictured in this video are drilled.

So if you buy raw Amber chips and tumble them your self, you will be required to drill them also.

Additionally, if you buy polished Amber chips, you will still be required to drill them even though you avoid the tumbling process.

The polished chips shown have been subjected to a 10 day tumble.

All shown are pure, unprocessed, natural Baltic Amber.

Please note that there is a large market for counterfeit Amber. Be sure that the Amber chips that you are getting are natural Baltic Amber if you are interested in making necklaces such as baby teething necklaces because you have to have high Amber Acid content. And that occurs only in natural Baltic Amber.

There are many people selling copal and getting away with it because it is hard to tell that it is copal when one is dealing with small pieces. The sale of such counterfeit amber is rampant.

So when buying raw Amber chips, do be sure to know your supplier and know that that supplier is not dealing in counterfeit Amber.

If you would like to purchase amber chips or beads, send email via our contact page. and tell us what you would like or what additional information you would like.

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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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