Amber Chip Necklaces

About amber chip necklaces made using raw  Baltic Amber chips.

The first necklaces made from amber were made from amber chips. Hundreds of years ago necklaces such as these represented extraordinary value.

If you visit the old churches in Poland, you will see many displays of amber chip necklaces that were donated to the church.

The sanctuary of the Black Madonna at Jasna Gora in Czestochowa has an extraordinary number of these necklaces hanging on the walls.

In those days amber was considered to have magical properties because of its unique medicinal powers. Amber was considered one of the top six medicines in the world.

The pictures of the necklaces below are made in the same way they were made hundreds of years ago. They are what is referred to as amber health necklaces.

The chips are pure, Baltic Amber that contains 3 to 8% of the medically active ingredient, succinic acid.  Of all the ambers in the world. Baltic Amber has the highest content of succinic acid. That makes it unique and gives it its “magical” medicinal powers.

They come in varying lengths and of course in varying colors.

They are worn for health and fashion. They look great poolside.

The shorter necklaces are favored by men.  They are unique, very attractive, and something different And as a result are attention getters.

Some people wrap a long amber chip necklace around their wrists and wear it has a health bracelet.

amber chip necklaceamber chip necklaceamber chip necklace
amber chip necklaceamber chip necklaceamber chip necklace
amber chip necklaceamber chip necklaceamber chip necklace
amber chip necklaceamber chip necklace.

These amber chip necklaces are available both retail and wholesale prices when ordered in wholesale quantities.

Note in the video below how popular these necklaces are in the tourist areas. If you have a business, note how well they sell and that perhaps you should consider buying some of them wholesale.

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