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Amber Chip Bracelets

About Natural Baltic Amber Chip bracelets wholesale.

The bracelets in this page are made from pure Natural Baltic Amber chips. Each is unique. They come in basic designs, but since each chip is unique, no two bracelets are exactly alike.

To the left in this page are some samples of amber chip bracelets. They are but a sampling of what is available.

They are shown to give you a basic understanding of the vast possibilities that are available to you.

These bracelets sell very well alongside a collection of the necklaces.




amber chip bracelet 1 amber chip bracelet 2
amber chip bracelet 3 amber chip bracelet 4
amber chip bracelet 5 amber chip bracelet 6
amber chip bracelet 7 amber chip bracelet 8


There are generally two types of chips used in bracelets of this type.

There are the natural chips that are pieces of raw amber that are drilled and strung.

Then there are those that are amber drops made from amber that is heated for clarification and so that it can be formed without sharp edges.

Both are genuine amber.

Such bracelets are sold by the kilogram.










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