Amber Beads

About genuine natural Baltic Amber beads and Polish raw amber stones.

There are many types, sizes, colors, and shapes of amber beads. This web site has information covering beads, their use and much, much more.

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Loose Amber Beads

Before pictures below link to pages describing four of the most popular the type and colors.

The large beads in the leftmost image are perhaps the most popular size beads used for bracelets.

And the beads described in the old Amber color image are generally the color of choice.

Each of those pictures link out to a descriptive page that gives you more information about those particular Amber beads.

Beads cut from one stone are often requested. Generally, the maximum size that jewelers carry is about 12 mm in diameter. Additionally these beads are very expensive. More information is in the page that you go to when you click on the image.

Polished Amber stones are perhaps the most beautiful pieces of Amber that you will find. They are not beads per se but jewelers use them as beads to make some stunningly beautiful necklaces and bracelets. These is something you should definitely look at.

amber beads 16mm
Beads 14mm to 35 mm
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amber beads cut from one stone
Beads Cut From One Stone
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old amber color beads
Old Amber Color Beads
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polished amber stones
Polished Amber Stones As Beads
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Amber Beads In Special Forms

When people refer to beads, they do not mean individual beads but prayer beads of one form or another.

In the two images on the left are links to pages that show how Amber beads are used in making Islamic prayer beads and Buddhist prayer beads.

The link to large bead bracelets takes you to a selection of what are perhaps the most popular piece of Amber jewelry exported from Poland. There is no doubt silver and Amber jewelry is very popular, but when it comes to having a product made from a bead, these large beads bracelets are most popular.

The link to Amber bead bracelets takes you to some of the most beautiful Amber necklaces that you will see. In fact, that is what one of our customer said. She said she had never seen such beautiful Amber. You take a look at these.

islamic prayer bead
Islamic Prayer Beads
Buddhist prayer bead
Buddhist Prayer Beads
big bead bracelet
Large Bead Bracelets
amber bead necklace
Amber Bead Necklace

Amber Beads For Special Purposes

Amber is a multi functional gem. The medicinal characteristics of Baltic Amber have been known for centuries. It was once known as a magical gem. And it was considered as one of the six Medicines in the world.

The Amber beads for bracelet section takes you to beads used as a have been fun hundreds of years. These are very popular.

Amber stones have been used for pain relief. Massage stones have been used for centuries. And these large stones worn as necklaces or used in other ways are recommended by alternative medicine practitioners as being very helpful.


amber beads for adults
Amber Beads For Adults
polished amber stones
Amber Beads For Pain
burnished amber beads
Amber Beads For Baby


Authentic Baltic Amber
Certificate of Authenticity


Note that we will provide you a certificate of authenticity indicating that your beads are made from Authentic Baltic Amber.





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