Amber Beads Formed From One Stone

About amber beads formed from one stone, their advantages and how they are made.

beads formed from one stone

Beads of this class are made by subjecting amber to pressure to form it to the desired shape.

According to the International Amber Association they are classified as: “Modified Baltic amber (Succinite) – gemstone subjected only to thermal or high-pressure treatment, which changed its physical properties, including the degree of transparency and color, or shaped under similar conditions out of one nugget, previously cut to the required size.” (See The Official Classification Of Amber Gemstones)


By definition, Modified Baltic Amber (Succinie) is a one stone product.

These beads are made from one piece of amber cut to the required size.

They are from one nugget of amber without glues, colorants, additives, powders or anything else. They are pure Baltic Amber.

Raw amber stones are generally flat shaped and typically full of flaws. An amberman never knows what he will see when he gets inside the stone. He can make a good guess, but that is all.

He can try cutting beads from that stone or forming beads by pressing pieces of the stone in a form.

Cutting is a wasteful, time consuming project. Waste factors of 10 to 1 are normal.

Putting pieces of the stone in a press is fast, efficient and does not waste amber. The resulting stones are much less expensive.

And they do have some advantages. In the pressing process, any internal flaws are pressed out so the stone is uniformly strong. And the layering effect in a stone can be better displayed in that how it is presented can, to a degree, be controlled.

What is the difference between a cut stone and a formed stone? Simply stated, they cannot be distinguished by testing, even under an IRS scan. An amber expert can tell the difference a good percentage, but not all, of the times by the appearance of the pattern.

Most amber resellers and consumers cannot tell the difference at all.

Pictures Of Beads Formed From One Stone

These beads are made from one stone.

raw amber stone

A single amber stone like the one to the right is put into a mould and, under pressure, the amber flows into the desired shape.

They are physically indistinguishable from hand cut beads. And in many cases they are visually indistinguishable from hand cut beads.

There are no tests, machines or procedures that will tell you that they are pressed into shape. An experienced amberman can tell the difference between a hand cut and pressed bead, most of the time, BUT NOT WITH 100% ACCURACY, that a bead is pressed.

Most buyers, be they wholesale or retail, cannot.

They differ from hand cut beads in that the natural layers of amber are non-linear since the amber changed shape in the mould. And if there were any internal cracks or voids, they are eliminated. So in some ways they are a higher quality bead than the hand carved gems.


one stone amber 1one stone amber 2one stone amber 3
one stone amber 4one stone amber 5.


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