Amber Beads Cut From One Stone

About amber beads cut from one stone, how it is done and what the beads look like.

amber beads cut from one stone

Amber beads cut from one stone are classified by the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland as follows:

Natural Baltic amber (Succinite) – gemstone which has undergone mechanical treatment only (for instance: grinding, cutting, turning or polishing) without any change to its natural properties.”  (See the Classification of Amber Gemstones.)

When beads are to be cut from one stone, the amberman must first find a large amber stone whose physical characteristics make it possible to work without cracking and which will yield an end product that will not have other flaws – visual or physical.

These stones are expensive.

The size of the beads is generally limited to about 14 mm maximum because of the natural shape of amber stones. It is generally flat so to make larger stones reduces the number of raw stock available and, concurrently, increases the price.

Because the amberman cannot see what is inside the stone before he cuts it, the waste factor is high. And it gets higher the larger the bead. Waste factors of 10 to 1 are not uncommon.

It is this waste factor that really controls bead size. It drives the cost of beads over 12 mm to the point that there is no commercial market for them.


Hand Cut Beads, or in other words, Natural Baltic Amber Beads above 14 mm are generally NOT available. If you want beads above 14 mm,  Read This

Pictures Of Hand Cut Beads

These beads are hand carved from one piece of amber. Note in these pictures you sometimes see dark spots in the beads. That is because amber formed from resin on pine trees. Many times dust, dirt, bark and insects were trapped in the resin. They are called inclusions. And when the beads are carved, the inclusions show.

Note the discolorations in some of the beads. They are what show up in the finished product. Amber is a natural product and you get a natural bead made from a natural product.

Hand cut beads are often clarified and/or colored by processing them in an autoclave. They are still genuine, authentic  Baltic amber.


hand cut amber 1hand cut amber 2hand cut amber 3
hand cut amber 4hand cut amber 5hand cut amber 6
hand cut amber 7hand cut amber 8hand cut amber 9
hand cut amber 10hand cut amber 11hand cut amber 12
hand cut amber 13hand cut amber 14hand cut amber 15
hand cut amber 16..

Such beads, loose, in bulk quantities, are available wholesale. If you wish to buy them in bulk, contact us stating your requirements.

Prayer beads and bracelets made from one stone are available retail at PolandsBest Amber Store.

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