Amber Bead Necklace

About natural amber bead necklaces wholesale and retail made in Poland.

Amber bead necklaces of this type are some of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, amber necklaces that you will ever see.

These necklaces are not trinkets. They are substantial, unique collections of amber stones fashioned into a necklace.

They make great gift items for someone who would like something very different.

They make excellent corporate gifts.

Each necklace is unique. Each is made from polished Natural Baltic Amber.

Computer graphics cards cannot display the full beauty of these Amber necklaces. So they do not sell that well online to new customers, but they cell extremely well in shops and at tourist stands where people can see touch and feel.

Once you establish a relationship with an online customer, and build that trust that comes with a good relationship, such customers are more likely to buy these necklaces on your recommendation.

The necklaces are made with unique pieces of polished Natural Baltic Amber. And because of the unique nature of each, they are a special order item.

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amber bead necklace 4amber bead necklace 5amber bead necklace 6
amber bead necklace 7amber bead necklace 8amber bead necklace 11
amber bead necklace 12amber bead necklace 13amber bead necklace 14
amber bead necklace 15amber bead necklace 16amber bead necklace 17
amber bead necklace 18amber bead necklace 21.

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