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Amber Bead Bracelets

About amber bead bracelets to be used for wear as well as to be used for bead sales.

The bead bracelets shown to the right are fast movers as bracelets.

The pictures are representative of what is available. They come many colors and bead sizes.

The white/butterscotch are call Natural and are made from one amber stone.

The cognac are also made from one stone.

Those made from one stone are either made from Natural or Modified amber beads. (Natural means beads hand carved from one stone and Modified means beads made from one stone that are shaped by pressure.

You can get them in varying bead sizes and color patterns.

These bracelets are top of the line products that make wonderful gifts.

Chinese tourists to the shop in Warsaw consistently buy the Modified as well as th Natural bead bracelets.

In fact, they buy more of the Modified beads because of the price difference.

The women buy them for themselves and the men buy several as gifts.

You may buy samples at this link. Bracelets.

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