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Cherry Colored Amber Bead Bracelets

This page gives picture examples of cherry colored pure Baltic amber bead bracelets.

Bracelets 10 mm and under are available with carved beads that are classified by the International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland as Natural Baltic Amber (Succinite) Read Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Bracelets over over 11 mm to 20 mm are available as either Modified Baltic Amber (Succinite) or Reconstructed Amber (Succinite) Read Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Bracelets over 20 mm are available only as Reconstructed Baltic Amber (Succinite). Read Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Note that all these classifications mean that there are no glues, meals,etc. The beads are all genuine, pure Baltic amber.

Large Cherry Necklace

This is included here because it is so unique. The beads are 35 mm and it weighs 479.2 grams. It makes a great attention getter in your shop or when you are presenting your products.

If you want something to distiguish yourself and get attention, this is a good buy. Consider the cost an advertising and promotion cost.


cherry bead bracelet

Cherry Bracelets


bead bracelet
23 mm
bead bracelet
20 mm
bead bracelet
18 mm
bead bracelet
14.5 mm
bead bracelet
14 mm
bead bracelet
18 mm Approximately 37 grams
bead bracelet
14 mm Approximately 20 grams
bead bracelet
16 mm Approximately 27.5 grams

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