Amber Aromatherapy

The benefits of amber aromatherapy and how to use Baltic Amber for your health and repel flies and mosquitoes.

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Amber ( Succinum) has a long and proven history of being a valuable natural medicine that has been used to cure many ills.  It has also been used to control flies, mosquitoes and other pests.

A Dominican Monk, Albert The Great, born in 1193, called Natural Baltic Amber Succinium and stated that it was the most effective of the leading medicines of the time. In order of effectiveness he listed them as Succinium, ocastoreum, mors, camphor, tartarus, and aurum.

Amber tinctures were made from beer, wine and water. People found them effective against everything from stomach aches to rheumatism.

They also found that the vapors from burned amber repells flies, mosquitos and other insects.

When the plagues devastated Europe during the middle ages, amber was used for fumigation. Burning amber is both aromatic and irritating. And that is due to the high content of succinic acid in the smoke.

The Prussian Priest Matthaus Praetorius recorded that in 1680, “During the plague not a single amberman from Gdansk, Klaipeda, Konigsberg or Liepaja died of the disease”

Even today aroma therapists use Baltic Amber smoke to cure people of a wide range of ills and to revive energy. They even use amber to fumigate their homes. And keep pests away.

And now that modern science has recognized the importance of the active ingredient in amber, succinic acid, they are producing it commercially.

Using Amber For Aromatherapy And Pest Control

Succinic acid is the active ingredient in Baltic amber.  Baltic Amber contains about 8% succinic acid that is released to the air when amber is heated or burned. And there are different mechanisms that you can use to get the amber vapors to the air.

You can use a standard aromatherapy burner and add to that Amber powder, Amber chips, or Amber oil.

Amber oil is most convenient to use, but it is relatively expensive as compared to amber powder or amber chips.

Amber powder is the recommended alternative to amber oil. It is convenient to use.

Amber chips have traditionally used to make vapors by putting them on a metal plate or in a pot and heating them.  Use your stove, grill or whatever.

The amber vapors are acrid and can be irritating if overdone. They are acrid because they are the result of succinic acid that is in the amber. Use the amber sparingly and test your tolerance level as well as how much you need to be effective.

In any case, they keep the mosquitoes away and the air around you healthy while all the time giving you the medical benefits of Baltic Amber’s succinic acid.

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