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Published By The International Amber Association, Gdansk, Poland, this book is an authorative discussion of Baltic Amber.
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Craft and Beads For Teething Necklaces.

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big bead bracelets
Big Bead Bracelets

The best Genuine Amber Bead Bracelets That Poland Has To Offer.

About The Beads We Offer

Details about the beads offered through this site.

All our products start with pure, raw natural Baltic amber. Before you go on, please read about the amber that we sell. Click here.

Amber Bead Classifications

We sell four categories of amber beads. Chips, Craft Beads And Calibrated Beads. Each of the categories is discussed below.



Raw chips are available in various sizes. They are sorted by size. The color is natural raw Amber color just as it comes from the stones. They can be drilled and they can be strung.


For those who wish a chip but a chip that has been polished to take off the edges, we can supply those also. These can be drilled. There are more color opportunities here in that they can be heated to make them cherry colored and some candy autoclaved to be clarified.


Craft Beads

Tumble Burnished

These beads are generally used in baby teething necklaces and other craft purposes. They are sizes run from about 4 to 8 mm. The shape is generally a Baroque shape.

They are made from raw natural Baltic Amber and tumble polished only long enough to shape them. They are not finally polished and have no shine.

Many people call these raw beads. They are not raw because they are processed.

Tumble Polished

These beads of the beads that are generally used in baby teething necklaces. They are tumbled polished pieces of raw natural Baltic Amber. They are the Tumblel burnished beads mentioned above but just polished longer.


Calibrated Beads


Hand Carved

Products with hand carved beads are top quality. Each bead is hand carved from a single nugget of raw, natural Baltic amber. They are offered only in natural white.

Bead sizes are available 6 mm and up. However, bead sizes 12 mm and greater are not recommeded due to the nature of amber. Making beads 12 mm and greater is very expensive. If you want bead sizes 12 mm and greater, we stongly recommend using formed beads.

Hand carved beads are classified as Natural Baltic Amber (Succinite) See The Official Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Also see Amber Beads Cut From One Stone



Beads made from beads formed from single nuggetsof raw natural Baltic amber are available in bead sizes 10 mm to 18 mm. Because mold forming is much less expensive than hand carving, these products provide an affordable alternative to the hand carved beads.

The quality is such that it takes an expert eye to be able to distinguish them from the hand carved beads.

These are classified as Modified Baltic Amber (Succinite) See The Official Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Also See Amber Beads Formed From One Stone



Beads made from beads formed from two or three stones offer more variety and are less expensive than those products made from a single stone.

The beads we offer are formed by combining stones under high pressure and temperature without any additives, colorants, adhesives, etc. They do not contain grains or meals. They are made from high quality amber stones.

They can be made in old Amber color, which is quite popular.

They are available in bead sizes 10 to 35 mm.

They are classified as Reconstructed (Pressed) Baltic Amber (Succinte) See The Official Classification Of Amber Gemstones

Also See Amber Beads Formed From Two Stones



Amber Gemstone beads are made by recombining high quality amber stones. Because of the ease of processing an extremely low waste factors, these make a very inexpensive bead that is used to make beautiful yet inexpensive products.

Gemstone Example

They make very popular necklaces oftensold in tourist gift shops. And they make very inexpensive amber prayer beads. These prayer beads and necklaces outsell all other classes because they are attractive, amber gemstone pieces of art that the general population can afford.

In short they are a high quality and attractive product.

They are classified as Reconstructed (Pressed) Baltic Amber (Succinte) See The Official Classification Of Amber Gemstones



If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via Contact Form stating your needs.