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About The Prayer Beads That We Offer


All our products start with pure, raw natural Baltic amber. Before you go on, please read about the amber that we sell. Click here.

Four Classes Of Prayer Beads

We sell prayer beads made with four different types of beads. The bead types are hand carved, shaped from one stone, combined from two or three stones, and formed from recombined Amber.

Bead forms are round, olive, and barrel.

Colors are natural white, old Amber, cognac, lemon, and cherry.

Our standard offer is for prayer beads made with 33 beads. Custom orders for other bead counts are accepted.


1. Prayer beads made from hand carved beads are generally offered at 11.5 mm and under.

Bead sizes 12 mm and greater are available, but do to the nature of amber, making beads 12 mm and greater is very expensive. It is so expensive that very few prayer beads with 12 mm and greater bead size are made and sold. If a client has to ask how much such a prayer bead costs, he probably cannot afford it.

Products with hand carved beads are top quality. Each bead is hand carved from a single nugget of raw, natural Baltic amber. They are offered only in natural white.


2. Prayer beads made from beads formed from single nuggets of raw natural Baltic amber are available in bead sizes 10 mm to 18 mm. Because mold forming is much less expensive than hand carving, these products provide an affordable alternative to the hand carved beads.

The quality is such that it takes an expert eye to be able to distinguish them from the hand carved beads.

Offer your customers a prayer bead of hand carved plus one of modified amber. They may wish to keep their most valuable piece in a safe place and carry the less valuable piece where safety cannot be assured. This is a common practice among owners of valuable jewelry.



3. Prayer beads made from beads formed from two or three stones offer more variety and are less expensive than those products made from a single stone.

They can be made in old Amber color, which is quite popular.

They are available in bead sizes 10 to 18 mm.

4. Amber Gemstone Prayer beads made by recombining high quality Amber stones. Because of the ease of processing an extremely low waste factors, these make a very inexpensive your Baltic Amber prayer bead that is affordable to most people.


These products outsell all other classes. Simply because they are attractive, amber gemstone prayer beads that the general population can afford.

They are a high quality and attractive product.


Most of our inquiries are for the hand carved. beads. Most of our sales are from prayer beads made from beads formed from two or three stones or prayer bead made from amber blocks.

Our own internal surveys lead us to believe that people inquiring about hand carved. beads are not buying for their actual market but either for a perceived market or for what they would like to buy themselves. There seems to be a certain amount of self-delusion.

Our recommendation is, that if you are going to be selling amber prayer beads, you purchase examples of each of the classifications and allow your customers to choose. Do not throw away a successful business by ignoring the largest part of the buying population and that is the average person who either cannot afford a very high priced hand carved. prayer bead or one who wishes to have a relatively inexpensive prayer bead that he can keep in his pocket without worry. He may have one of both. One for special occasions and one for every day use.

The 80 / 20 Rule

Typically 20 percent of the products you have sell quickly. The remaining 80% sell slowly.

If you reduce your inventory so that you only have the products in the 20 percent category, the 80 / 20 rule still applies. Only 20% of them will sell quickly.

To increase your sales, increase the number of products you have.

People want to choose themselves. They do not want to have a limited choice. If you limit the choice, you limit your sales.


If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via our Contact Form stating your needs.