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About Our Baltic Amber Products

About the Amber sold through this site, Natural Baltic Amber.

We only sell products made from pure Baltic Amber.

All classification is done in accordance with the standards laid out by the International Amber Association, Gdansk Poland. If you have never read those standards, please read them by clicking here.

We do not sell anything classified as bonded Amber. Nor do we sell anything pressed from grains powders or waste.

All our products start with raw, pure, natural Baltic Amber.

They are then processed using standard manufacturing processes. These processes include tumble polishing, hand carving, molding, autoclaving, and recombining.

Every product is properly classified in its individual offering page with full disclosure as to the processing used.

You may ask for your products to be tested by the Amber laboratory, Gdansk Poland or you may accept our Certificate of Authenticity.


If you need more information or have any specific requirements, send email via our Contact Form stating your needs.